Teens Dream is a global video competition for teens to share and connect around their dreams, as they relate to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Congratulations to the 2016 Video Competition Winners

2016 Personal Videos

2016 Community Videos

2016 Global Videos

Personal Dreams

Charlie Werner and Harrison Segal – Califonia USA
Our dream is to encourage people to pick up one piece of trash a day, which would have a massive impact on our environment. This video raises awareness about how the environment is affected by people littering, especially in coastal areas.

Austin Anthony Cofrancesco – Connecticut USA
My dream is to create peace and justice between police forces and citizens. I want my dream to come true because there are so many stories about how black people are being treated wrongly by police.

Sophia T. Alfred – Maryland USA
My dream is to help break the shackles of the political, social, and economic inequalities designed to censor creativity and block potential by entertaining (creating music and dancing to it).  I hope to give young people everywhere the inspiration, motivation, and support to nationalize and globalize their culture and voice.

Community Dreams

Adrianna Rosario – Georgia USA
My dream is to improve education, beginning with my community. There are many ways education fails students of varying learning-types, but I think the solutions are out there.

Henry Max Paterson – New Zealand
My dream is to get New Zealand’s rivers back up to the standard they were twenty years ago.  Our rivers are filled with high levels of Nitrates and E. Coli, and over 90% of our low lying rivers are classified as polluted so few of our rivers are now swimmable with most completely dried up.

Sanjana Shah – California USA
My dream is to use my technical skills to bridge the gender gap, so that girls are not under-represented in the programming field.  I started mentoring young girls when I was in my middle school and I feel that by doing that, I have the potential to make a difference.

Global Dreams

Elena Beer – London, UK
My dream is to save the environment by means of responsible consumption and production. The steps are little for the average person yet with everyone taking them, the staircase leads us to a much healthier world!

William Boucher – France
Our dream is that one day, there will be zero food waste. This dream is connected to the twelfth sustainable development goal, responsible consumption and production as responsible consumption means zero food waste.

Elizabeth Dearden-Williams – London UK
My dream is that inequality in the world and the focus on our differences will be reduced to such a level that peace, nonviolence and justice will come more naturally to us as world citizens.

Teens Dream Collaboration Promotes the United Nations Sustainable Goals through its Annual Video Competition

UN United Nations Sustainability Goals

2015 Video Competition Grand Prize Winner JAYO Performs at Earth Optimism Summit

Earth Day 2017

Teens Dream, a project of the Global Co Lab Network, is building a global community of teen dreamers, with a focus on educating and inspiring teens to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Teens Dream is managed by a group of teen and adult co creators from the greater Washington, DC area, with support from individuals, volunteers and partner organizations.  Please contact us at info@teensdream.net for more information.

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