Teens Dream is a global video competition for teens to share and connect around their dreams, as they relate to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Congratulations to all of the 2017 Video Competition Winners

2017 Personal Videos

2017 Community Videos

2017 Global Videos

Personal Dreams

Porter Christensen – Utah, USA
My dream is that through my creative works of storytelling and making films I will be able to unite the world to address goals like discrimination, poverty, and violence.

Cyril King – Connecticut, USA
My dream is to to rise up and fight for equality of all people, but specifically people of LGBT+ who are discriminated against who often live in fear, sadness, depression and wanting of acceptance. I want to give them hope.

Victor Corja – Virginia, USA
My dream is that my home country of Moldova could have more international aid and support to help it have stronger institutions and be free of corruption.

Community Dreams

Mar Torrent – Spain
My dream is that during Christmas people will use responsible light consumption, avoid buying useless presents, and recycle wrappings, to address responsible consumption and production because we live in a world were consumism rules.

Ryann Chalmers – California, USA
My dream is for my community to help address the stigma around mental health and that we can work together to help people who struggle with mental health issues.

Pramudito Harjo Widodo – Indonesia
My dream is that kids in my country of Indonesia will break the loop of poverty by offering everyone a free education so they can have better jobs and a better life than their parents.

Global Dreams

Jacqueline Mendoza – California, USA
My dream is for the entire world to be aware of life below water and what damage we are causing to the lifeforms underneath.

Maria Drăgoi – Romania
My dream is to convince everyone that non-formal education and experimental learning is vital to educate more effectively.

Sara Currin – Virginia, USA
My dream is for the United States of America to reconize justice for those who have never experienced it in their home country, as in the Syrian crisis which begs for attention while many struggle in dire calamity.

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2015 Video Competition Grand Prize Winner JAYO Performs at Earth Optimism Summit

Earth Day 2017

Teens Dream, a project of the Global Co Lab Network, is building a global community of teen dreamers, with a focus on educating and inspiring teens to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Teens Dream is managed by a group of teen and adult co creators from the greater Washington, DC area, with support from individuals, volunteers and partner organizations.  Please contact us at info@teensdream.net for more information.

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