Makeena Yorkshire

Dream Hub Ambassador

I am 16 year old Makeena Megan Yorkshire, hailing from the beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. I am a hardworking and outgoing form 5 student who prides myself on my academic studies. As I head towards my final 2 years of secondary education, I am pursuing business subjects with the aim of one day working in the United Nations as a Human Rights Officer and giving back to my country. My passion for education developed from a very tender age having books and educational resources made available by my parents. I have seen education open doors to many exciting opportunities in my life and wish to share and cultivate a similar passion in youth around the world. Having being diagnosed with dyslexia, I would like to raise awareness on the various learning disabilities many persons face daily and shed light on the various learning styles. The Quality Education Dream Hub as I see it is a unique space for teenagers all over to world to connect and share ideas to mobilize change in the world through civic engagement and activism.

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