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Pablo Guarneros lived in Mexico City for 19 years. He graduated high school as class valedictorian, varsity tennis team captain, and three-year president for the Amnesty International chapter. He’s published multiple novels, music albums, theatre productions, and films. He’s worked as a freelance photographer and filmmaker for community-serving organizations like Volta Green Tech, Daybreakers, and New Age Meats, and as the media strategist for Youcanevent – a startup focused on creating a digital marketplace for event planning. Pablo is a current college freshman and has an avid passion for storytelling. You can find his work at Pablo worked as the Latin American Ambassador for the Dreams Hub since submitting a video on redefining education in 2016. Through the Arts Hub, Pablo wants to bridge clashing identities and provide outlets of expression for people around the world to talk about the issues that matter to them.

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