Submitted by JAYO, Jordan Onyeka of London, 2015 Grand Prize Winner of Teens Dream

“I was flown out to Washington D.C. to perform a song I made exclusively for Teens Dream. It was based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and was performed at the Earth Optimism Summit. The whole idea behind that song was to inspire individuals (mainly the youth) to make a change because the future of the world we live in today is in our hands, and so being on that stage in front of so many people, watching the smiles on their faces as I rapped my lyrics, definitely felt like I’d got my message across. Throughout the summit I worked closely with Teens Dream in Salons, contributing to multiple discussions young teens had in terms of making the earth a more sustainable place and telling them about what we do within Teens Dream… I still think a lot of them were surprised I had actually been flown here all the way from London! Overall, it was an amazing week, performing my song on that stage felt amazing, I’m sure the teen salons were highly resourceful for everyone that was there and every time I interact with Teens Dream, I feel one step closer to achieving my dream! Thank you guys so much form making this possible, let’s keep pushing!”

Check out JAYO’s new video blog on how Teens Dream has helped him achieve his dreams, and also MTV video blog from the 2016 celebration!


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