My name is Ryann Chalmers and I am a 14 year old teen female from California in the USA. I produced a video for a class led by my teacher Kari Milton to submit to the Teens Dream video competition – focused on spreading awareness on Mental Illness and how we can contribute to helping others who may be dealing with it, which addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3 of Good Health and Well-Being.

In our communities and even around the world, human beings need to work more to de-stigmatize this issue and help one another. This dream is very important to me, so being a winner of the Teens Dream Video Competition and getting the chance to fly out to Washington DC was such an amazing opportunity. I love too the fact that I got to express my love for videography with my winning video which you can view here.

With Teens Dream, I was connected to a great mentor, Gustavo Guerrero at the National Alliance of Mental Illness, who I can further work with on this dream.  With Teens Dream and my mentor, I want to work with other teens and mental health organizations to engage teens to work collaboratively to reach this dream – one step at a time.  We are launching a new Teens Dream Mental Health Dream Hub shortly and we hope you can join us!   Let us know of your interest at

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