The climate has changed periodically throughout history due to natural causes. However, the climate is changing now due to human activities rather than forces of nature. Trends of natural disasters and droughts have become more frequent and devastating in recent years as a result of global warming. From the year 1880 to 2012, to the average global temperature has increased by .85°C. Greenhouse gasses produced by burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere creating a “greenhouse effect”. Carbon Dioxide is the main greenhouse gas, and is emitted through the use of fossil fuels which have been our primary use of fuel since the Industrial Revolution.  

Consequences of climate change include sea level rise, water scarcity, heat waves, flooding, increase in tropical storm activity, reduction of agriculture, and glacial retreat. The poorest and most vulnerable people are those that are being, and will continue to be, effected the most.

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